The Plumery manufactures the entire range of the British Armies plumes in humanely gathered horse hair and feather, along with the Lance Cap and supporting metalwork. We can also repair heavy cavalry helmets, modern or period.


We supply many of the world's armies with plumes from Ghana to Australia and can supply other items at competitive prices. There are still currently around sixty different patterns of plume worn by the British Army.
Three thousand solders wear the four inch white feather hackle, and even the single Household Cavalry Veterinary Officer has his own distinct plume, a humanely gathered red swan feather variant.
There are probably ten thousand British solders issued with plumes. This means we have to be flexible within the range and quantities required by the various units and single customers. We are also consultants in plume manufacturing for Hobson & Sons Ltd and Firmin & Sons PLC.
Hair plume Royal Horse Guard
Lance Cap and plume
Feather Hackle Royal Regiment Fusiliers

Throat Beard plumes, with ornamental globe mounts. Worn under the horse's necks by the Household Cavalry.


Swan feather plume Her Majesty's Body Gaurd The Gentlemen at Arms.
Prince Charles Welsh Gaurds plume.
Plumes Life Gaurds
Canadian Royal Dragoon plume, Royal Highland Fusilier Hackle, HAC Light Cavalry.
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